Materials Used


Sourced from Italy ECONYL® fibre is a sustainably regenerated nylon yarn, made from waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth such as fishing nets, fabric scraps, old carpets and plastic components.

It is highly durable and waterproof.

Not only is this taking from our waste problem but it also has endless possibilities as the yarn can be regenerated time after time, never losing its quality and performance.

For every 10,000 tonnes of ECONYL® raw material produced they are able to save: 70,000 barrels of crude oil and avoid 65,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Reducing the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90% compared to nylon created from oil.

ECONYL® nylon is a sustainable and circular choice we have made due to its sourcing story.

UPPEAL™ (Previously named AppleSkin™)

UPPEAL™ is a partly bio based vegan, versatile and waterproof alternative to animal leather, innovated by Mable Industries and Frumat since 2014. 

It all begins in South Tyrol, in Italy, with the cultivation of apples destined for the food industry.

The cultivated apples are used to make juices, jams, and other food products. If the apple wastes (i.e. apple cores and peels) are not used, they are thermally destroyed or deposited in landfills.

The apple waste is dried into a fine powder to substitute what would have otherwise been 100% polyurethane. This is then mixed with PU and tear resistant compounds to give it it’s durability. The rolls are then heated to produce a weather resistant and durable fabric.

One running meter contains waste from 8 Apples. For every Kg of apple residuals used to substitute PU means 5,28Kg of CO2 saved.

MABEL confirms that all the articles with Apple Waste, comply with REACH regulations and are PVC free.

Hardware and Zips

We have chosen our hardware with quality and product lifespan in mind. Using YKK's highest grade metal zipper with fully polished elements, with a recycled tape.

Recycled Felt

Sourced from Italy, the eco felt padding for our bags and laptop sleeve is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

Dust Bags

Made out of 96% recycled cotton & 4% recycled polyester. We have made our dust bags a size that can be reused. By producing our dust bags our manufacturer packs our larger bags directly into them at production, eliminating as much transportation plastic protection as possible.


We acknowledge that craftsmanship and local artisanal methods are often overlooked in a world with mass production and fast fashion. That’s why we work with a small factory that celebrates craftsmanship in Northern Italy. In doing so, we can offer longevity and high-quality goods to our customers. We produce only in small quantities to reduce any excess stock.

We are very proud to work with an innovative and progressive team who have helped us develop the perfect timeless products.

Healthy Seas

Keely is a proud Healthy Seas partner, pledging 1% profits to help clean up our seas. Healthy Seas recover ghost fishing nets and other marine litter from our oceans providing the recovered nylon which is recycled together with otehr nylon waste, to produce the ECONYL® nylon used in your Keely products.

Healthy Seas was founded in 2013 to tackle the ghost fishing phenomenon which is responsible for the needless death of marine animals. Through cleanups with volunteer divers and by working with stakeholders of the fishing sector toward marine litter prevention, they collect waste nets and ensure they become a valuable resource.

Since 2013, Healthy Seas has collected 905 tons of waste nets and other marine litter, and ensured they became a valuable resource instead of ending up in a landfill or in the natural environment.

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