What slow fashion means to Keely

What slow fashion means to Keely

These days it's so hard to stand out in the crowd, not that it wasn't hard before. But I feel its next to impossible to stand out now with so many brands fighting for some limelight. Not only is it hard to stand out but you are competing with the likes of fast fashion and pricing that doesn't even make sense - to me anyway. If you really think about it, how is it possible to sell a basic t-shirt for under $50 ethically, and still run a business and make a profit?? 

As the founder of Keely I strived hard to make the right decisions, to make the brand a slow fashion brand. 

So what makes Keely a slow fashion brand??

- Keely products are made in small quantities to limit waste. To be precise we make only 20-30 of each item at a time.

- We use only regenerated and bio-based materials: ECONYL® a 100% regenerated nylon yarn, UPPEAL™ a vegan bio-based leather alternative using apple waste, our padding is made from 100% recycled plastic. 

- Quality was key! We made sure that we found a manufacturer that not only believes in our values, but makes high end quality products.

- We made sure our designs and products are timeless in their design. We want them to be with you for many years to come, not just seasonal.

Above are only some of the things we have done as a business to try and make a positive impact.

What does slow fashion mean to you??

Rachel (founder) xx