Brands Keely is loving right now 🤍

Brands Keely is loving right now 🤍

I don't know about you, but there is so much satisfaction that I get from supporting small local brands that I know are hustling just as hard as I am to make a mark. I LOVE supporting small, and I LOVE connecting with like minded female founders who are doing amazing things! 

Let me introduce you to two amazing New Zealand, female founded companies that I have personally purchased from in the past few months.


I was recently put onto Riel by a good friend, and I am so happy we had the conversation. Because this week I think I have purchased one of my favourite items to own in my wardrobe.... Riel's products are re-worked pieces of clothing, making them into fashionable one-off pieces. And I am seriously in love with my new shirt. I love that she reuses waste to create beautiful pieces, and I love that all of them are unique. You can't get much better✨

Modelleto -

Modelleto popped onto my socials months ago and I have been a follower/purchaser since. Not only of their air-dry pottery kits, but my husband also got me a beautiful fruit bowl for mothers day that I now have permanently on our kitchen bench. I love what Modeletto stands for - encouraging you to slow down and enjoy the process of making pottery in your own home. And the founder is so inspirational...I encourage you to follow her journey. Or even better have a go at making your own pottery like I have 💙

Love Rachel xx